How can Writers Qi solve your problems and breathe new life into your copy?

Current Services Writers Qi offers

Customer Case Study

A customer case study is a 1-2 page narrative about one of your customer’s happy experience. It is similar to a testimonial but gives much more detail on what the issue was, what the customer tried to solve the issue, what your solution was to the issue, and what the final results were. Because case studies are 1-2 pages long they are perfect for digital presentation on your website as well as printed as trade show hand outs, brochures and flyers.

White Papers

White papers can act in many roles. Typically white papers are used to explain and expand on complex or expensive products or services you offer. It is fact driven and is not based on the customer experience. A good white paper will allow the reader to understand the issue, help provide facts to make a decision about the issue, and solve a customer problem.

Special Articles

Typically you see special articles are offered as free item for download on websites. They provide useful information for current and future customers.

Web Content Strategist

Is the all encompassing role of how to manage your web content. From writing content that is SEO aware to leveraging social media interactions, a web content strategist presents a seamless online presence. A web strategist looks toward the long term results and creates a plan to get there in a coordinated way, leveraging all marketing and online tools to one goal.